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©2005 Becker Studios

In addition to props, we also build complete trade show booths, including this 40 x 120 food exhibit we created for True Value.®

Trade Shows

We'll help put your message on center stage

They've been called the show business of commerce. But unlike theaters, stores, or even museums, trade shows offer you an inherently cluttered environment. To help you stand out from this clutter and capture the hearts and minds of your target, our artists can create everything you need from unique signage to displays and props -- even the structure for the booth. You name it, and we can build it!

©2005 Becker Studios

One of our trained artisans is crafting a promotional display that features moving tongues for Budweiser.®
©2005 Becker Studios

For a trade show exhibit designed by RWF Services, we engineered, built, and painted this mural that moved.







©2005 Becker Studios

We built this 30-foot tall scale model replica of the Tree of Life From Disney's Animal Kingdom® for use in a McDonald's® International Owner/Operator convention that was held in Orlando Florida.
©2005 Becker Studios

This 6-foot tall prop was developed for Frankel to use at an International Owner/Operator convention that was hosted by McDonald's® Corporation.