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©2005 Becker Studios

Building custom signs and three-dimensional logos, such as this one we crafted for Sega Game Works®, is just one of the many ways we can help you stand out from your retail competition.

Recent Client Work

We've been making the scene with some very great clients

It's been said that you can tell a lot about a company by the companies who employ it. And throughout our history, we've been the supplier to the best of the best -- from the world of culture to the world of commerce, from the established to the emerging, from our start in the vaudeville heyday to our work in all areas of the entertainment economy we enjoy today, including museums, retail, theater, and trade shows. And while we're proud of our past, we won't go into naming names from bygone eras. However, some of our more current clients include:
  • Barrington Health World
  • Brian Keith Advertising
  • CBS News Chicago
  • Chicago Ballet
  • Chicago Children's Theater
  • Chicago Design Group
    ©2005 Becker Studios

    If you need an oversized object for a prop or a display, such as this three-foot tall leg bone we created for JFK Health World Library, you've found the right place when you call Becker Studios.
  • Chicago Tribune Charities
  • David Letterman (at Chicago Theater)
  • Dimension Works
  • Drury Lane Productions
  • Frankel
  • Freeman Decorating
  • General Exhibits
  • Gittspur Displays/Exhibit Group
  • Hubbard Street Dance
  • Italia Advertising
  • IDA
  • Iowa Ballet
  • The Jenny Jones Show
  • The Jerry Springer Show
  • JFK Museum Library and Gift Shop
  • Kazu Photography
  • KBA Marketing
  • Lincoln Park Zoo
  • Lyric Opera of Chicago
  • Marshall Field's
  • McDonald's Corporation
    ©2005 Becker Studios

    From backdrops on theater stages to murals in museums, trade show booths, restaurants, and retail establishments, you will find some of the best painters in the country at Becker Studios. (Learn more about us.)
  • Merrell Shoes
  • Museum of Science and Industry
  • NBC News
  • Northlight Theater
  • Oprah
  • Osgood Displays
  • Royal George Theater
  • RPA (Retail Planning Associates)
  • RWF Services
  • Shakespeare Repertory Theater
  • Square D
  • Stratford Square Mall
  • Tivoli Theater
  • Toast Productions
  • True Serv Corporation
  • Universal Studios
  • Victory Gardens Theater
  • WGN
  • WTTW

Now be sure to check out our work on museum exhibits, retail environments, theatrical events, and trade shows, as well as learn more about us.