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With more than 20 cities scheduled in the Styx Paradise II Tour, the set we built had to be extra durable.

Theatrical Events

Sets so durable, they even withstand the rigors of rock and roll touring

From restoring painted backdrops to creating new ones -- from building a prop or a small scenic element to executing a large-scale environment -- from sets for smaller intimate theaters and dance recital spaces to scenery for large-scale arena concert tours, we're your source. After all, set building has been our mainstay for more than 100 years, beginning with our founding roots in vaudeville. Best yet, we understand the safety concerns of actors and know how to build a set that can withstand a show's unique demands, including tapings of The Jerry Springer Show and shipping from city to city for stadium rock tours.

Next, learn about our work in museums, retail environments, and trade shows.

©2005 Becker Studios

Sets for I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change and The Bleacher Bums are just two of the recent projects we have completed for plays produced at the Royal George Theater.
©2005 Becker Studios

We've also built and painted backdrops for photo shoots, such as this one for True Value.