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Fee Fi Faux Fabulous
We pride outselves on being able to fabricate
just about every type of display, no matter
what size, for a great range of clients.

Welcome to Becker Studios

Are You Set for Success?

Today, all the world's a stage. From television, video, film, theater, trade shows, and museums, corporate meetings, and promotional events to restaurants, stores, and other retail environments, people expect to be entertained. And what better way to create your entertainment environment than with a group who has been making theatrical magic for more than 100 years? Learn more about us. Then contact us today for more details on how we can help you get set to achieve your marketing, educational, or entertainment objectives.

©2005 Becker Studios

If the shoe fits ...
In 2004, the National Store Fixtures and Manufacturing Association presented us with an award for creating this soft store display for
Merrell Shoes®, which we also built and installed nationally in more than 100 retail outlets.

©2005 Becker Studios

Lara Croft
Working directly from the Tomb Raider game, we brought to life the first display of action heroine Lara Croft.®