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There are 5 pictures in project maxxsonics:

©2005 Becker Studios Zeus 12 ft tall Statue 29 ft in the air Consumer Electronics Show 2048x1536 1/18/2005
©2005 Becker Studios MAXXSONICS Trade show booth 40 ft by 60 ft booth for Maxxsonics 2048x1536 1/12/2005
©2005 Becker Studios Crunch Displays Custom Display units for Crunch Apm 1704x2272 1/12/2005
©2005 Becker Studios Hifonics Displays Custom Displays For Hifonics Amps 2272x1704 1/12/2005
©2005 Becker Studios Atlas 12 ft tall statues for Consumer Electronic Show In Las Vegas 2048x1536 1/12/2005