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There are 9 pictures in project Museums:

©2005 Becker Studios Hand-crafted Signage Our custom signage helps attract attention and direct guests to exhibits at the Museum of Science and Industry. 459x364 7/19/2004
©2005 Becker Studios Big Bear This 1.5 story bear was created for the Red Wagon exhibit. 600x396 7/8/2004
©2005 Becker Studios Imagination Station The Imagination Station at the Museum of Science and Industry is just one of the many permanent displays we've manufactured for leading museums across the country. 464x336 7/8/2004
©2005 Becker Studios DNA Helix We created this working model of a DNA Helix from scratch. 450x686 7/8/2004
©2005 Becker Studios Connected to the ... If you need an oversized object for a prop or a display, such as this three-foot tall leg bone we created for JFK Health World Library, you've found the right place when you call Becker Studios. 450x617 7/8/2004
©2005 Becker Studios Shedd Aquarium's Frog Display Featuring working mouths on the frogs, our custom cabinets help create a consistent experience for visitors at Chicago's Shedd Aquarium. 287x306 7/8/2004
©2005 Becker Studios Hand-painted Custom Mural This is one of our many custom murals that have been used in exhibits at the Museum of Science and Industry. 600x385 7/8/2004
©2005 Becker Studios JFK Health World Globe Using a variety of materials, we engineered, manufactured, and installed interactive displays on the human body and cell structures, conservation and safety, and, to welcome visitors, a sign featuring a giant globe for the JFK Health World. 450x598 7/8/2004
©2005 Becker Studios Red Flyer Wagon We pride outselves on being able to fabricate just about every type of display, no matter what size, for a great range of clients. 436x338 7/8/2004