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There are 8 pictures in project Trade Shows:

©2005 Becker Studios Samsung Phone Display This trade show prop of a Samsung® cell phone was developed for Contempo design and RWF Services. 600x891 1/7/2005
©2005 Becker Studios Lara Croft® Working directly from the Tomb Raider game, we brought to life the first display of action heroine Lara Croft®. 374x686 1/7/2005
©2005 Becker Studios McDonald's Carton This 6-foot tall prop was developed for Frankel to use at an International Owner/Operator convention that was hosted by McDonald's® Corporation. 450x614 1/7/2005
©2005 Becker Studios Frog Painting One of our trained artisans is crafting a promotional display that features moving tongues for Budweiser.® 600x566 1/7/2005
©2005 Becker Studios The Tree of Life We built this 30-foot tall scale model replica of the Tree of Life From Disney's Animal Kingdom® for use in a McDonald's® International Owner/Operator convention that was held in Orlando Florida. 616x462 1/7/2005
©2005 Becker Studios Sega Lightning Door Building custom signs and three-dimensional logos, such as this one we crafted for Sega Game Works®, is just one of the many ways we can help you stand out from your retail competition. 368x554 1/7/2005
©2005 Becker Studios Oversized Salem Box This oversized pack of Salem cigarettes demonstrates the new product's side-slide mechanism. The piece is motorized to demonstrate the motion. 588x704 7/8/2004
©2005 Becker Studios Train Mural For a trade show exhibit designed by RWF Services, we engineered, built, and painted this mural that moved. 527x286 7/8/2004